These design criteria line items and more comprehensive guidelines/specifications will be on the "Call For Designs And Input" international sheets to be used in the First Program Phase III:

[To expedite the entire process, full translations in twelve different languages will be available.]

I. General Requirements:


Functional Description

Cultural\Social Sensitivity Specifics

Design Regions; Wet (damp-flood), Dry, Cold, Hot

II. Specification Category Headings:

Dimension Envelope

Weight Restriction

Personal Portability Factor (by one person with other worldly belongings)


Overall Cost


Fungus and Mold Resistance


Resistance To Water, Wind Loading, Chemicals and Detergents, Atmospheric UV, Ozone Etc. Mechanical Action

Target Longevity

Light Penetration

Air Circulation


Attachments or Hold-Downs

Ergonomic Considerations


Ease of Operation and Instructions (Integrated into the material)


Compatibility To Lifestyles

Resting Positions, Headroom and Range of Motion Requirements


Toxicity: Passive and Stressed


Requirements For Internal Cooking


Safety and Risk Assessment


Security and Theft

Buoyancy/Floatation (not to be mistaken as a boat) and Preserver Qualities: Mud and Water


Base/Floor Requirements

Color and Visibility

Material Recycling

Material Availability

Material Numbers and Mixes

Cost of Pilot Program and Initial Manufacturing System Set-up

Manufacturing Production (including ramp-up) and Cost Requirements

Testing Time and Criteria


Breakdown Damage % Continued Useful Function

Satellite Production/International Requirements

Packing, Packaging, Transportation, Distribution and Retrieval

Identification System and Remote Tagging and Monitoring

Openings and Access

Closure Systems

Single Use Design and Resistance To Material Piracy

Rigidity, Size and Resistance to Homesteading and Fixturing

Quality Assurance

III. Example For Illustration Of The Process And Final Submission:

Example of A Concept: Cad Drawings, Artist Rendering, Specifications/Limitations

IV. Communication:

Digital, Analogue and Courier Service: Direct, Remote and Interactive Material and Information Exchange

V. Submission Requirements:

[Format: Submitted Design and Input Standardized Documentation Formats, written and computer based]

Descriptions and Credentials of Participants (Pre-set in research exercise)

Time Requirements and Deadlines

Translation Requirements: The participants' submissions will be in the one of twelve languages with technically standardized CAD and/or mechanical drawings and technical specifications.

Back-up Materials and Documentation For Design Assumptions and Specifications

Their Analysis of Specification restrictions which are country and cultural-specific and thus allow or restrict certain types of materials or methods of manufacture or distribution

Designs achievable in their country with country and cultural-specific observations for the data-base

Related Manufacturers and Documentation of Adaptation Feasibility and Time-Lines

Optional Opportunities or Challenges or "Off-The-Wall" Ideas

Assumptions, Variances and Exclusions Listings

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