A. First Program Summary Points

[For more description and detail refer to another document: Strategy, Goals, Guidelines and Feasibility Budget Overview: "Project Organizational Goals and Task Strategy Guidelines".]

The temporary, individual shelters are only intended to help reduce two specific problems of the needy: their temporary physical and privacy vulnerability, which are only portions of a vast number of their problems. The purpose of this First Program is not to judge how the individuals got where they are or to initially attempt to solve any of their other complex problems. However, it is intended that the unique networks established for the Personal Shelter Project will also form a foundation and informational aid for future programs and other charities to address critical problem areas beyond that of temporary, individual shelter.

There will be an international call for new and existing designs, materials and products for their evaluation of relevance and cost/value analysis.

These temporary, individual shelters will be small and of a personal size and portability. They will be very low cost to mass produce, easily distributed, useful in rural and urban settings, very light weight, compact units which are collapsible and portable. They will be made, when feasible, of recycled materials and will be of extraordinary durability and will be effective in great extremes of climate (for an example of one concept that was used as the basis for a feasibility budget projection see the "First Program Example Design Concept").

Distribution of the temporary, individual shelters will be through the extensive networks which already exist with other charities and relief organizations. The temporary, individual shelters along with funds to subsidize their distribution will be supplied to these organizations as per their requests, guidance and capacities.

These temporary, individual shelters will not be designed for, or intended to be used as, permanent housing but rather as protection and privacy during transitions (world permanent housing efforts such as Habitat For Humanity International have formal global programs to construct modest but adequate housing for the poor).

The individual shelters are intended to be temporary but will be durable enough to last as long as required by the transition periods.

The First Program is of local sensitivity and global scope and will be funded by a variety of caring individuals and corporations along with creative national and international mechanisms. Furthermore, all research, design, set-up, testing, distribution, professional services and administration costs will be specifically and clearly funded up front with explicit use of funds disclosures and will be designated as Baseline Funding. This resultant complete "Baseline Funding" will pave the way for all subsequent donations and funding to be clearly applied 100% to the direct manufacturing materials and labor costs of the temporary, individual shelters.

The First Program will be structured with unique strategies for administration, funding, 1-to-1 funding-to-relevant use-of-funds ratios and comprehensive non-conflict of interest, compliance and reporting mechanisms.

The First Program will fund and be consistently based upon an on-going Research/Brain-Trust for studying the focus problem on a global and local individual contextual basis. This focal group's on-going R&D findings will guide the final designs, applicability and appropriateness of any temporary, individual shelter or assistance type. The group forms the core foundation for understanding what is feasible, what already exists and for the evaluation of what assistance and focus are appropriate in every instance and on every scale. This group will insure that the limited time for R&D allowed in this First Program will be adequate to meet the Program's goals.

The Project is secular, non-political and will augment and be enhanced by, and not competitive with, any on-going efforts the world over. Through their new, innovative and comprehensive approaches, the R&D and follow-up studies by the Research/Brain-Trust group will reinforce, focus and contribute to the form and integrity of the global pool of knowledge concerning the world's suffering, disadvantaged and general population.

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