In this world of "total over-commitment", why would anyone with the power to help even consider looking at something new and progressive which is not for profit? Are there not enough charities? Are there not enough hands reaching out? Aren't each of us, individuals and corporations, doing all we can? Don't we already have projects we are passionate about? Do we not already have strict guidelines on who and where we will help?

Even if we would consider helping a new and fundamentally important idea, would we actually get the chance to be introduced to its concepts, and would we recognize its importance if we saw it? If we then decided we wanted to help, would we have the power to overcome our rigid guidelines to actually help? Does it matter that understandably our commitments and guidelines were established in the absence of the knowledge of such a project as this?

Those individuals and organizations who can visualize well beyond the ordinary and who are capable of recognizing the core of this Project will find here something they never expected: a creatively innovative project which will have an impact on and link any charity they are presently helping. They will find a uniquely structured project which helps protect them personally, no matter who they are. They will understand that increasing local and global stability from an individual level is critically important to the security of each of us and that doing so, as this Project does, is of absolute importance to any individual's ability to effect change on the scale of the problems which effect them, their families and livelihoods.

In the following pages, we introduce the rationale, guidelines and strategies being used to begin this practical and innovative charitable effort. During each of the Project Programs one small, uniquely achievable piece of assistance in a single problem area will be chosen. Then, by both logical and emotional momentum, the Project's efforts will bring together an extraordinary breadth of skills, resources and heart-strings to get that one meaningful thing done now for suffering people everywhere and in harmony with all other charitable efforts.

The Project will narrow the gap between a great idea (any great idea to help reduce or avoid suffering) and its realization for availability to the front lines of all charities and relief organizations. The result of Personal Shelter Project ® charitable services will be individuals, organizations and corporations world wide acting as a humane community to reduce one part of a tragic problem.

In addition, and most importantly, a working model of a uniquely practical global network will be established. The world will have a precise demonstration of decisive and positive global action from an individual level to better assure us all: that our personal safety and the reduction of suffering are practical results of this precise type of common behavior.

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