The Effort is the Link

While other charitable organizations and individuals are working hard on the front lines of highly complex problems, our approach and cooperative effort will link them by making it possible for a practical, simple idea from one effort to be realized on a large enough scale to make it available to them all.

For example; if an extraordinary idea to assist children is conceived in Sweden, people around the world, as linked by Personal Shelter Project ® charitable services, could refine it quickly and appropriately to then make it available for children in any community across the United States of America and throughout the world.

This Link Protects

This "Link" protects us all in the future as it facilitates the movement of a great idea from the front lines of where it is developed or discovered to where it is needed. The community and world stability around us will increase as we become confident and more secure in our ability to address, in a useful time-span, very specific problems from an individual level but on a broad enough scale to have a significant impact.

An effect of this magnitude, nature and timing will help to increase the justified confidence that something can and will be done. Individual feelings of vulnerability can be reduced if there is a real sense that one can do something on an individual level to make a difference and to reduce a regional or global threat.

For example; when a new problem arises which is even more aggressive and pandemic than Aids or Ebola, there might be a very simple type of assistance or an observed piece of behavior which could, if disseminated widely and rapidly enough, reduce the risk of local and global harm. This assistance would certainly not solve the complex problem, but this rapid world community action could effectively reduce some current and future suffering and buy the time to address other parts of the complex, critical issues.

The Underlying Concept

The Personal Shelter Project's underlying concept is to approach local and global problems through attainable steps, which themselves achieve significant and empowering results.

The Objective

The Project's Objective is to use this underlying concept to carefully develop and facilitate creative, practical and appropriate ideas of immediate help to improve the life conditions of suffering people locally and throughout the world.

The Project will accomplish that well focused assistance in close communication and harmony with all types of charitable activities and through an unprecedented, highly efficient and meaningful use of the support it receives.

The Method to Achieve That Objective

This Project is designed to generate a local and world community action network which will evolve by implementing a series of specific programs. Each program will identify and significantly mitigate one well focused "slice" of a critical world problem and will demonstrate small, sequential successes on a global and local scale.

The practical network will evolve with the growth of the support, organization, skills and connections necessary to accomplish one specific program at a time. The progress and quantifiable results of each program will serve as indications of the network's correct growth and proper use of resources.

Each program will get a precisely quantifiable, singular thing accomplished quickly on the broadest of scales while retaining local sensitivity. This will be done through the support of those who understand the positive effect of acting rapidly and effectively upon manageable parts of broad critical issues.

The Guiding Focus and Scale

There is the sense that it is of absolute importance to organically build a mechanism to identify one small, specific type of assistance and to make that assistance available millions of times within a short time frame.

The combination of the clarity of focus and scale, while doing one specific thing rapidly and appropriately millions of times, will make an efficient, carefully thought out and monitored impact. This focus of effort does not attempt to tackle the complexity surrounding an issue. It does, however, work within that complex context to make available the types of help which are immediately feasible, allowable and controllable because they are simple, recognizable and have clearly positive results.

The Project's precise focus and magnitude are designed to empower individuals with a scale and speed of action more closely matching those of the problems which could effect them and those they know.

The First Program

The initial, highly practical and quantifiable step to begin developing this unique network is the First Program which will, over a four year period, research, design or adopt, manufacture and distribute nearly eight million small, collapsible, temporary, individual shelters for the world's unsheltered urban homeless, internally displaced and the world's refugees.

At the end of that four years, the First Program will continue at a level appropriate to the need, and a new focus program will be chosen for the next four years. The next program may relate to any health, social (adult or youth), environmental or socioeconomic problem and will not need to be directly related to shelter concerns. However, the next program and all subsequent programs will benefit from the foundation of skills and human networks that the First Program begins integrating.

The process of initiating a new program every four years will continue indefinitely.

The First Program Was Chosen Because

Of all the critical problems in the world, significantly reducing the problem of inadequate, temporary, individual shelter and privacy gives a clear focus of effort and will build the integration of an extremely wide range of skills, support mechanisms and connections. Thus, a significant, broad-skilled, functional base will be formed allowing the consideration of the greatest range of potential program types in the future.

The most critical issues facing this planet including environment, health, and ultimately population growth are so vastly complex that they do not lend themselves as the focus to begin forming such a comprehensive network. Yet, these issues would benefit from the communication and ability to act together that the First Program results and network will produce.

The Project's Regional and Global Effect

The Personal Shelter Project® charitable services are secular and non-political, and the resulting powerful world community network could effect a great range of charities and humanitarian actions as it does something which they do not: potentially communicate between all charities to make available a single piece of specific assistance which is culturally and community-sensitive and appropriate.

Main Core Group Participation

For a project of this focus and fast-track nature to retain the highest relevant use-of-funds and quality assurance, only the most qualified individuals will be assembled to guide the Project and to expose it to those who could effectively help.

Local and International Input

Because the Personal Shelter Project ® charitable services must grow to be a local and international effort along all lines of participation, no final strategy, research, design or conclusion of applicability will be made except as a cooperative local and international effort, which is a keystone in the Personal Shelter Project.

The Funding Strategy

The Project will develop methods to continually generate funding for the singular purpose of making this cooperative regional and global effort always available. Therefore, when a program's four year life cycle has been completed, if that program still effectively addresses a critical need or threat, funding will continue for that effort, even if it is no longer a "hot" topic in the eyes of the public.

With capable funding sources interested in and focused upon energizing these precise world community actions, most of the creative and practical program time will be spent on applying the ideas and refining communications with other charities rather than directed mainly toward generating funding. Thus, for the resources available, the help will extend more deeply locally and more extensively internationally, and the assistance will have a better chance to continue proportional to the need. Resources will be used more effectively, and the benefits and contributions will be seen and recognized in practical and satisfying time frames.

The Urgency vs. Stability Issue

There is an urgency to get a cooperative effort like this going. Nevertheless, the Project cannot rush toward these goals without first establishing stable and appropriate participants, funding and support structures. This commitment to the stability of planning and support will insure the Project's short and long-term success and viability. Once started, no efforts will go unfinished or their results wasted.

Personal Involvement In The Project

The Personal Shelter Project does not want people to leave or defocus from their present daily and charitable passions and activities. In fact, the people and organizations most valuable to this effort are usually very busy and highly involved in their own worthwhile projects. These individuals continue those activities while they assist the Personal Shelter Project in whatever way they are able, knowing that this Project will positively effect their lives and the other things they do.

The Personal Shelter Project does want to speak to all individuals and organizations who are concerned and forward thinking enough to see and listen through the "noise" of organizations out there to recognize why this Project helps protect us all as it increases local and global stability.

The Project wishes to take the less usual approach of respectfully requesting that you decide how you can help, and then you guide us into how to let you help rather than we or others trying to manipulate your participation.

Involvement may be through curiosity, mentorship, creative brainstorming, financial support or as simple and valuable as learning about the Project and then personally introducing the Project to those you believe should know and could help.

(Please see the Appendix: "The PSP Participation Catalogue Summary")

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