I. The PSP Participation Catalogue Summary

Seven Main Elements of Appropriate Individual, Confidential Participation


1. Your Interest/Curiosity

We will stay in touch and keep you informed about the Project's progress.







2. Your Mind

Creative brainstorming and innovation to help the Project with your thoughts and input; whether by computer, telephone, video-conferences, written correspondence or other means.







3. Your Mentorship

Helping to guide and reflect upon the Project's development and actions with your unique, specific and broad-scoped background and sensibility.







4. Your Contacts

Your personal introduction of the Project to others you feel may be interested, may be able to help and should know about the Project.







5. Your Hands

Direct help to the Project where you assist in a specific activity.







6. Your Financial Support

Direct contributions of funds to move the Project to its next level of activity.







7. Your Materials or Services Support

Direct donation of services or materials required by the Project activities.







[VolunteerMatch - Get out. Do good.]







You can also begin helping by simply registering with the eyegive web site and visiting that site often (most easily done if you set www.eyegive.com as your default Home, "start", page on your browser). A small donation is made by eyegive's advertisers to the Charity of your choice (PSP we hope) each time you visit the "eyegive" site. This help is easy, anonymous, automatic and cost-free to you and the Charity.

To check this helpful process out, please "click" on the icon

eyegive: "Not only is our privacy policy the strongest in the world (you own your data, not eyegive, and we're contractually obligated not to disclose it), but we're also a member of TRUSTe, a third-party verifier of our data practices."



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