What Will Be Done

We will form a unique local and global network of unprecedented outreach for information, research, resources and skill to significantly mitigate one small, critical world problem at a time, on a world wide scale in a short period of time. Each of these Project Programs will be completed over a four year cycle and will also result in a sustaining system of action gauged in proportion to the continuing need.

While initially developed with a specific beginning program (the First Program), this cooperative network of skilled individuals, corporations and resources will be applicable to a wide range of global health, environment and social concerns on the broadest and most local of community scales.

Why Something Will Be Done

The world's economy and health care for its inhabitants generate a vastly complex series of local and international problems, motivations and struggles which may remain out of control and will experience further decay if something simple and effective is not started now.

Even the simplest issue in dealing with world health, population, the environment, social injustice, the oppressed, refugees or the homeless presents complex challenges, and there are many competent individuals and well meaning organizations in the world attempting to break them down into manageable portions. The motives are genuine, but progress has been slow.

The potential for coordinated response to these problems has not been widely tapped. However, in the face of the immediate lethality of many of the conditions, such as pandemic AIDS and other viral threats, we no longer have the luxury to delay establishing a new vitality and efficiency for local and world wide cooperative and responsive action. Indeed, we never actually had that luxury to move slowly and are now tragically behind in the most critical of all areas, setting up that local and global capacity for rapid positive action. The broad-reaching and often deadly problems the world is experiencing now insure that we cannot wait.

When a potentially good idea surfaces, there is no coordinated system to explore the merit of that idea and to nurture it appropriately and efficiently into existence. Local and global assistance efforts have in common the need for extraordinary, clear and helpful ideas and to have an effective support and caretakership system to make those ideas available.

The world does not have the resources, brain power or the time to act as a global community for any action as long as the inefficiency continues for the development and support of great ideas. This inefficiency can absorb lifetimes of effort and resources to only partially realize the goal of a single idea.

While others work diligently on the front lines, there must be the focused formation of a stable, interconnecting alternative to reduce the delay between a great idea for help and its realization.

How We Are Beginning

In order to inspire and coalesce this local and world network, which is unlike any project now in existence, the First Program must focus on the following:


A single critical problem.


A plight or condition universally recognized.


A solution or action relevant to that problem which is simple, understandable and believed to be feasible.


A solution or action which can be achieved to a high enough level in four years to make a significant impact upon a global problem.


A solution or action which easily demonstrates to the world public the clearest relationship between their personal action taken and the quantifiable, personal assistance others receive.


A solution or action so focused that it can reach its objectives with the lowest risk of failure so the quantifiable success of the program will be a true lead into the next, even more highly critical problem for the next program.


A solution or action the completion of which will require developing skills and contacts applicable to a wide range of other focused critical problems.


A solution or action with a highly feasible and appropriate conceptual and organizational strategy which is easily followed and fosters efficiency.

The specific initial program to catalyze the effort is the First Program. In the four year duration of the First Program nearly 8 million temporary, highly portable, individual shelters will be researched, designed or adopted, manufactured and distributed free to the unsheltered urban homeless, those internally displaced and refugees of the world (to those who would wish to have them and would be allowed to accept them). At that time, a system will be in place to continue to assess and service the need.

The portable, temporary, individual shelters were chosen for the First Program because of their ability to satisfy all the Project criteria (above) and for the ease of understanding they inspire in our world's technological societies, who more easily focus on a product and service rather than a service alone. Technological and logistical solutions are not the answers to all the critical issues of the world, but in this First Program case, a technological focus for a critical problem affords a singularly clear opportunity to rapidly move forward with highly recognizable and quantifiable progress.

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