This Introductory Conceptual Overview is intended to inform and to inspire forward thinking individuals who have the freedom to recognize the power this Project has to protect us all as it increases, in a very practical and personal way, local and global stability, the need from which none of us are immune.

The document is intended to describe how, regardless of the personal charitable passions and guidelines individuals or corporations are involved in now, they may desire to also assist this Project because it could positively link and effect all charitable entities in the future.

This Project Introductory Conceptual Overview is a brief introduction to a vision and the critical goals/guidelines to accomplish a cooperative effort designed to mold and pursue that vision. This document is not intended as a treatise but rather as a comprehensive communication of that vision.

This is an overview introducing much of the thought and preparatory work, as Personal Shelter Project ® charitable services, which have been donated from all directions over the years to bring this Project to the point where it can properly caretaker support from those it inspires to help.

[A more comprehensive listing of the conceptual feasibility study and the projected strategy for the use of developmental funding are contained in the separate documents: Strategy, Goals, Guidelines and Feasibility Budget Overview and First Program Phase I Core and Facility Development: Projected Goals and Use-of-Funds, respectively, which are not enclosed here.]

"Well, I don't suppose any of us is fool enough to think that we can save the world. But if each of us were to look at some of the directions that we'd like to see the world go in, and then put one little bit of force behind one of them, and have a hell of a good time while we're doing it, well then, that's what we should do."

-Bill McLarney

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