The Vision Is Rooted In A Five Part Premise:

1 Simple and Common Need & Action

In order to address our common need to increase global and local stability we must start from a personal level to find a simple, common action to galvanize our efforts and to harmonize with the world's on-going altruistic efforts on a world wide level. In this way we can clearly illustrate that coordinated global, constructive change against a common need can be achieved in a recognizable form as initiated by any individual.

2 Focus and Recognition of Effort & Benefit

In the future, in order to address any of our social and economic problems with noticeable and immediate sweeping effect we must carefully focus compound efforts among a broad scope of influential, caring and creative people. These focused efforts will build very small, meaningful successes on the widest of scales over short time durations, which are useful within individual lifetimes and are relevant to any individual in need.

There must be small, incremental successes simultaneously over a global range. Individuals helping and receiving help must have a clear sense of these successes, of the broad-reaching nature of the results and of their personal participation in them.

3 Honest and Efficient Plan

In the future, the proper quality start and continuing success of such social help projects will require the highest levels of accountability, relevant use-of-funds, compliance safe guards, review policies, non-conflict of interest structures, budgeting, research policies and communication systems. Innovative combinations of all of these with precise quality control will build and retain the public's justifiable confidence in the organization.

4 Proper Strategy Recognized For Support

With the proper concept, strategy and people to initiate this approach, extraordinary accountability and relevant use-of-funds, the remaining problem of implementation is reduced mainly to one of funding. Even in our modern societies, already too busy to begin something new which is not for profit, those who can effectively help this effort to proceed still have the possibility to recognize the power and value of this Project.

5 Purpose and Power in Focused Exploration

These regions of innovative global communication and action to reduce human suffering are rarely explored; and therefore, it is expected that we all share in common not knowing exactly how to get the job done. This effort is, thus, certainly out of the realm of everyone's exact experience and expertise. Nevertheless, we can all focus on what we have the precise skills to accomplish: Each one of us alone may not know all the answers for how to accomplish this Project, but together, we can explore well beyond what we know to find out what is really possible.

"Never let success hide its emptiness from you, achievement its nothingness, toil its desolation. And so keep alive the incentive to push on further, that pain in the soul which drives us beyond ourselves. Whither? That I don't know. That I don't ask to know." - Dag Hammarshkjöld

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