Direct, Every Day Community Actions

Every day, 24 hours-a-day, the Project accepts calls from those individuals and organizations who need help or have help to donate.

These calls range from mothers with dependent children looking for shelter or protection, to the homeless trying to find housing or food, to the disabled looking for furniture, to relief organizations seeking beds or furniture, to Indian or Rescue missions in need of adult or children's clothing, to individuals and/or corporations with materials or services to donate.

In short, we work with every kind of need and possible solution, and we potentially bridge between every conceivable relief and assistance organization and the widest range of our suffering and donation public.

We match the public's need to the available resources, and we work to refer individuals to organizations which specialize in their dilemmas and needs.

The Personal Shelter Project enjoys modest, but extremely broad, support from the general private and general corporate public. Being a primarily pro bono charity, we receive only small amounts of monetary donations, while the majority of our support comes in the form of donated materials and services, which are generally passed directly on to the appropriate needy individuals and organizations in the broad community. The Project is secular and non-political and is able to work with any individual or group.

All monetary donations are only in the form of direct purchases of materials, supplies and services for the Project. All the individuals working for the Project in the last 12 years have donated their time. Consequently, the Project has always been able to consistently achieve an extraordinarily effective relevant-use-of-funds-and-services ratio.


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