Because of its unique characteristics, this Project is being methodically developed around a strategy which will result in funding sources other than those traditionally entreated by charities. This approach is to insure that the support required for these great ideas does not come to a halt simply because they are not, or cease to be, "hot" topics. This type of Project funding development takes a long time and a great deal of pro bono work. The following is a partial listing of all the generous professional entities who have given their pro bono support:

Oxford Instruments, NEC Technologies, Enecotech, SoftQuad, Seagate, WebTrends, Analytic Solutions, Rocky Mountain Senior Services, the Adolph Coors Company, Kenneth Kendal King Foundation, Microsoft, Lotus, Futuresoft, Navajo Shippers, Surface Technology, E-Street Communications, Houg Enterprises, Ketelsen Campers, Colorado National Bank, Norwest Banks, Wells Fargo Banks, Quality Office Furniture, Keebler, Novagraph, Chisp, SuperNet, Inc. (Qwest Communications), Intuit, Gestetner, Kinkos, American Storage Trailer Leasing, Tech Soup, Niko Mak Computing, Inc., C&R Transportation, Bose International, Tripplite, Delrina, Dixon, Williams House, E.B. Scientific, Johnson Moving and Storage, Xara, Ltd., CompUSA, LeBoeuf, Lamb, Greene & MacRae, Santangelo Law Offices, GSA, Surface Analytics, R. Feldsien-ESR, Coopers & Lybrand and the Burt Companies have generously donated materials, equipment, services, and mentorship to assist in building the incubatory stages of the Project, its headquarters, collaborative network and communications.

We also gratefully recognize all the anonymous, forward-thinking Individuals world wide who have loyally contributed to the development of this concept: with their support assistance, their valuable time and their personal introductions to those who have the power and insight to help.

The Project also enjoys an extremely broad level of public support in donated materials that make the front line, immediate impact of the Personal Shelter Project ® Charitable Services possible and supportive of the needy day-to-day.

We thank them all

And Pledge

To continue with the highest standards for protecting their trust and those resources.


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The great efforts of the folks at Impact Online to help educate volunteers and then bring them together with charities that can properly use the help, virtually on the Web and geographically on the front lines.

The global network, Action Without Borders generously works to bring information about "practical solutions to social and environmental problems" through their Website.

The comprehensive donor and volunteer support information about all registered nonprofits which is provided to the web by the is a valuable volunteer service to the entire world community.

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